VIP Aircraft

VIP aircraft cover a wide range of models, but regardless of size, these business jets all have luxurious interiors designed to appeal to the most discriminating of corporate or VIP travelers. Air Charter Team specializes in the planning and execution of charters that utilize these VIP aircraft, including the contracting of additional security if requested. Endurance for chartered VIP aircraft range anywhere from 3 hours all the way up to 15 hours, depending on the model of aircraft. The world is at your beck and call in a VIP aircraft and Air Charter Team is with you every step of the way!

  • Generally carry from 20 to 70 passengers, depending on model.
  • Aircraft range varies greatly between 3 hours (smaller regional airliners) and 15 hours (Boeing Business Jet).
  • Typical speeds range from 450 mph to 550 mph.
  • Crew of at least two pilots. One flight attendant for each 50 seats on the aircraft is required by the FAA for safety reasons.
  • All have passenger comforts such as hi-fi stereo/video system, in-flight telephone and data ports, individual reading lights, reclining leather seats, tray tables, Airshow, and fine foods served on elegant china.
  • All have lavish interiors with most having bedrooms, state rooms, and full bathrooms with stand-up showers.
  • Pressurized cabin.

Experience the ultimate in business jet charters, call Air Charter Team at 800-205-6610 (in the US) or Request a Quote and let us put your corporate team or organization aboard a VIP aircraft charter today!