Executive Turboprop Aircraft

Got a short range business trip to make and don't want to put up with the hassles and restrictions of commercial airliners? Consider chartering a turboprop from Air Charter Team! Turboprops offer a lower priced alternative to jets for shorter charter flights. While smaller than their larger jet brethren, turboprop aircraft have fully pressurized cabins, ensuring the maximum in comfort and safety. One of the most attractive aspects of turboprops is their ability to operate from shorter runways, allowing them to be used for chartered flights into more airports and specifically those in smaller towns. Air Charter Team can provide you with private turboprop charters to destinations the commercial airlines won't touch!

The most distinguishing feature of a turboprop airplane is its propeller(s). A jet engine is the source of its power, but unlike conventional jet aircraft that use pure engine thrust to move, a turboprop uses the engine's power to drive its propellers, which provide the thrust. Turboprops are highly reliable and efficient aircraft, making them ideal for short-range executive charters where versatility is key.

  • Carry from two to eight passengers, depending on model.
  • Aircraft range is generally between 2 hours, 30 minutes and 4 hours.
  • Typical airspeeds range from 240 mph to 330 mph.
  • Crew of one or two pilots. Air Charter Team strongly recommends two pilots.
  • Snacks, hot and cold catering, and assorted beverages can usually be provided. Many turboprops have mini bars with a variety of alcoholic beverages.
  • Many have such passenger comforts as air conditioning, stereo, in-flight telephone, individual reading lights, reclining seats, and tray tables.
  • Pressurized cabin.
  • Lavatory facilities vary from none to fully enclosed.

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