Light Business Jets

Light business jets encompass a variety of smaller executive jets that we charter for corporate travel, offering increased speed and range over turboprop aircraft. These are elegantly appointed aircraft that can seat up to 8 passengers with decent range for executive business trips. Small duration trips and when price is a consideration are the ideal uses for light business jets. Air Charter Team's staff of professional brokers can help you determine which type of these small jets are best suited for your travel plans.

  • Carry up to eight passengers (5 to 6 comfortably).
  • Aircraft range is generally between 2 hours, 30 minutes and 3 hours, 45 minutes (1000 - 1700 miles).
  • Typical airspeeds range from 350 mph to 500 mph.
  • Snacks, hot and cold catering, and assorted beverages usually can be provided. Some have bars with a variety of alcoholic beverages.
  • Most have such passenger comforts as air conditioning, stereo, in-flight telephone, individual reading lights, reclining seats, tray tables. Some have VCRs.
  • Pressurized cabin enhances your comfort and safety.

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