Safety and Security


Safety is a common question from our clients and Air Charter Team recognizes that nothing is more important than your safety and security. Chartered flights are as safe, if not safer than commercial airlines. To that end, Air Charter Team has secured systems and developed relationships that allow us to provide information and services to our clients that assure them that, when using our air charter services, they are flying safe and secure. Safety goes hand in hand with our job as your charter aircraft broker to give you the pricing and flexibility you want.

Air Charter Team has contracted with Aviation Research Group (ARG/US) to provide our customers with comprehensive safety information on the charter operators and pilots we utilize on your behalf. The report our company receives on each air charter operator and pilot gives us the background and safety information we need to make a sensible decision on who to use for your private jet charters.

The ARG/US CHEQ Report provides charter customers with:

  • Complete, in depth safety reports on your charter operators
  • Instantly access pilots experience and historical safety ratings
  • Primary source for your due-diligence
  • Instantly searches:
    • Pilot Certificates
    • Aircraft Registration
    • Operator Certificates
    • Accident and Incident Report
    • Enforcement Actions
    • Ownership and Management

Our jet charter company uses ARG/US to exhaustively research the most up to date information available on multiple databases to generate a comprehensive report on indicators and events that could impact the relative safety of air charter operators. The databases are constantly updated to reflect recent activity as well as historical events. We would also like to point out that the databases searched for the reports include pilot certificates, aircraft registrations, operator certificates, accidents, incidents, service difficulty reports, enforcement actions, ownership and management.

Our air charter company emphasizes that together, this data is weighed and formatted into an easy to read executive summary, an ARG/US rating, a graphic representation of the operators three year safety rating trend, and a comprehensive detail of the findings.

The CHEQ report (Charter Evaluation and Qualification report) has three major components that air charter companies use: historical safety ratings, current aircraft and pilot background checks, and on-site safety audits. Analysis of these components results in four potential levels of safety rating: DNQ, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each level reflects analysis and ranking based on increasing amounts of detailed information on the charter operator. Our company believes the CHEQ system is the most comprehensive and detailed safety analysis program in the industry.


When the nature of your private air charter requires security personnel for you and or your clientele, Air Charter Team can provide these services via our strategic relationship with various professional security companies.

We can arrange elite security personnel comprised of current and former law enforcement officers from various law enforcement agencies such as NYPD, FBI, DOD and US Marshall Service. These seasoned professionals are trained in all aspects of security and have passed strenuous security clearances in their professions.

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