Air Charters - A New Source of Revenue for Corporate Travel Agents

Over the last 10 years, corporate travel agencies have been forced to seek alternative revenue sources to replace the airline commissions that have all but disappeared. At Air Charter Team, we believe that private aircraft charters can play a significant role in improving the financial outlook for travel agencies by offering their clients an exciting alternative for their business travel needs.

Corporate travel agents have highly developed relationships with their clients. For those clients who have an interest in chartered business jet services, a great potential exists for creating unique and exciting travel products and services with Air Charter Team's help while allowing you to make a reasonable return on your efforts.

At Air Charter Team, we are completely flexible in structuring the pricing of your corporate charter flight in a manner that will protect your commissions. We are agreeable to providing net pricing and allowing you to mark up the product or we can price the private aircraft charter with your commission included and we will return the commission to you upon payment of the invoice.

  • Travel Agents can earn substantial additional revenue by providing air charter services to Corporate Executives, VIPs, Athletic Teams, Entertainers, and Incentive Groups.
  • Your client's confidentiality, safety and security while flying on a charter plane are always our utmost concern.
Access to 360° virtual tours of a vast array of business jet and turboprop aircraft, so your clients can view the cabin configuration on different types of aircraft before they decide to utilize charter services.

  • Use our Online Quote System to give you access to thousands of executive jets, turboprops, and airliners worldwide.
  • Our CharterNavNet web tools can assist with your incentive and group private charters.
  • On your aircraft charter your clients will be given the first class service they deserve and desire. All clients receive customized, individual attention to their personal needs.
  • Enhance your portfolio of elite travel services with corporate air charters, while expanding your service offerings to your premier clientele.
  • No experience required! Our professional charter flight consultants will do the work for you.
  • Air Charter Team will handle all contracts, invoicing and negotiations.
  • No commission caps and all of your commissions earned on your charter flight are protected.
  • You'll have 24/7 access to our expert air charter consultants who will respond to your immediate needs and emergency situations.

Call Air Charter Team today at 800-205-6610 or contact us via the web to get your corporate travel agency started in the exciting world of chartered aviation!