The Hidden Costs of Air Charter Quotes and Contracts

Who likes surprises on their invoices? We don't! Air Charter Team believes in an "all inclusive", up front approach when we build the pricing for your private air charter quote. There's nothing worse than getting a quote and later finding out that your invoice has additional hidden costs tacked on it! Air Charter Team simply does not do business that way; when you get a quote from us, you can be confident in knowing that you're getting the true cost of your private air charter from us. Comparing costs between two or more air charter brokers is tough enough; we make it easy!

What costs are involved in an aircraft charter?

One of the more difficult aspects to grasp in planning chartered flights is the many pricing components that go into a quote or contract price. We think it's crucial for our clients to understand these components so that when comparing quotes from several charter brokers, you're comparing apples to apples. We strive to provide our current and potential clients with clarity in our chartered flight pricing.

Here are the pricing components that can and do affect the cost of a private aircraft charter:

  • Federal Excise Tax: For all charter flights in the domestic US, there is a 7.5% excise tax (US FET) that is collected for all private jets. These costs are always included in a quote from Air Charter Team but rarely are included in quotes from our competitors in the industry.
  • Landing Fees: All operators must pay a landing fee to the airports that they fly their aircraft into. Once again, Air Charter Team includes these costs in our pricing for chartered flights but our competitors rarely do. The fees can range from $100 to $500 depending on the size and weight of the aircraft used for the charter.
  • International Fees: These are fees associated with operating in foreign countries. Air Charter Team will procure this information and these fees will be figured into your original quote. Most of our competitors do not include this fee in their charter quotes.
  • Segment Fees: These vary from airport to airport and are set by local authorities. Air Charter Team will procure this information and these fees will be figured into your original quote. Most of our competitors do not include this fee in their quotes.
  • Catering Costs: Basic catering pricing will be included in your quote from Air Charter Team. Upgraded catering is available and can be arranged in advance for your chartered private jet. There are occasions when specific catering was requested at departure time and we have had to bill in arrears but this can be avoided with proper planning before departure time. Catering is almost always an add-on for competitive brokers.
  • Fuel Base: The price of fuel is a commodity driven environment and it is changing constantly. Charter operators will give us a projected cost of fuel per gallon when we request a quote. Historically, they will quote a lower price than they will actually be paying. We quote your air charter with the price we are given but we can and do estimate what the fuel upcharge can be. The potential increase can be figured as follows: Take the hours flown by the fuel burned per hour and multiply by the difference from fuel price quoted and actual fuel price.

Remember that Air Charter Team believes in "all inclusive" pricing when building a quote for your chartered flight. You'll receive the most comprehensive pricing possible, up front! We believe that to develop long term relationships with our clients, we must be honest and forthright about the charges that our clients will incur when choosing to book their private air charter with us.

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