Incentive Charters - Turning Your Client's Flight Plans into Profits

Planning, developing and executing incentive programs that include travel are complicated, challenging and exasperating. They require destination choice, facility selection, program agenda, plus a multitude of complicated details that can frustrate you and your client. One of the most difficult of these decisions is the range of available options for the mode of air travel - scheduled air, chartered flight or a combination of both.

At Air Charter Team we work only with you, not your client, to evaluate the costs, benefits and enhancements of selecting a chartered aircraft for your incentive trip. Our mission is to enhance your professional image with your client, while reducing your workload, aggravation and stress. Our experienced team of brokers dedicate all of their time and energy to being your advocate for private air charter services.

Here are some of the advantages we offer you and your travel agency with Incentive Charters:

  • World Wide Network: Air Charter Team is associated with a global network of charter air service management firms with offices in the United States, Great Britain, France, Spain, Hong Kong, South Africa and Australia. This network gives us access to turboprops, business jets, airliners, and charter flight operators all around the globe.

  • Schedule Flexibility: Private air charters provide a level of schedule flexibility that is simply not available with scheduled commercial service. In addition, the very nature of chartered flights means that many more airports around the world are accessible than what you’d find with commercial airline services. Your incentive charters can be custom tailored to fit your client’s exact needs.

  • Security and Safety: Now, more than ever, security is a concern for all travelers. Air Charter Teams verifies the security clearance and safety and training records of all the charter flight crews we utilize with through a third-party firm. We can also contract for additional security when requested or needed for your incentive charter. Learn more about our stance on flying safety.

  • Quotes: Your request for quotes on your Incentive Charters are turned around within hours whenever possible. Air Charter Team knows that you need this information quickly to assist your clients in making intelligent decisions about their travel plans. We shop the entire market and will return multiple quotes for you to choose from for your chartered aircraft.

  • Web Tools: Air Charter Team has developed a set of proprietary web-based charter flight management tools, CharterNavNet to assist you and your client. From real-time flight tracking of your charter flight to online manifesting tools that help you communicate with your client, CharterNavNet will help you make sure every incentive charter runs more smoothly for you and your clients.

  • Detailed Charter Flight Summaries: Our charter flight summaries are the most detailed in the industry. We know that you need the most complete and accurate information when making a decision about an aircraft charter, and we provide the information in email formats that are easy to share with your clientele.

  • Dedicated Charter Services Representative: A dedicated charter services representative is assigned to each of your Incentive charters as your main contact who will be available to you 24/7 before, during, and after the flight.

  • Branding Opportunities: Air Charter Team can offer multiple branding opportunities to customize your client's aircraft from logo head rests, custom menus, and audio/video services, to themed decorations throughout the airplane.

  • International Clearance: There are a multitude of regulatory issues that affect international aviation. Air Charter Team has direct experience in working with the carriers in securing operational clearance from foreign governments when needed in order to operate a chartered flight into a specific airport or country.

Air Charter Team is your silent partner when you want us to be and front and center when you need us to be. Our pricing for your Incentive Charters can include your commission or we can quote you net pricing and you can add your commission before quoting your client. Either way, we protect your relationship with your client in the manner that you desire.

Call us today at 800-205-6610 and let us help you with your next Incentive Charter Flight!