How Does Air Charter Team Communicate With Clients?

Our experiences in the charter broker business over the years has shown us that one of the most critical issues to our clients, after safety and price, is communication. A successful privately chartered flight has many levels of detail and coordination; a clear communication channel between the charter broker and the client ensures a successful private charter experience.

At Air Charter Team we have developed a system of tools to assist us in creating and maintaining a clear channel of communication with our clients. The two basic components are our web site and our charter summaries:

Web Tools

On our public web site,, we offer two very specific tools that are valuable to our clients. The first is an online quoting tool that allows our clients or prospective clients to query Air Charter Team about a specific trip that could possibly benefit from our charter broker services.

The second tool is a very well organized display and information about all of the different private jet and turboprop aircraft that are available for charter services. There is information about the characteristics and performance capabilities of each different charter aircraft. There are also "virtual tours" of several of the private jet aircraft that give the viewer a 360 degree look at the interior of the charter aircraft.

Our private sites, developed for regular customers who charter aircraft and incentive travel companies who use airline charters for their clients, offer all of the services above but also offer the following features:

  • Branded and co-branded web site
  • Online quote request and proposals
  • Online manifesting tool
  • Real time flight tracking
  • Online Charter Flight Summaries
  • All charter activity archived online
  • Online catering menus

Charter Summaries

The charter summaries developed by Air Charter Team are the bedrock of our communication with our clients. This document contains all of the pertinent information about every detail of the charter flight in an easy to read and easy to update format. This summary is in a Microsoft Word File, making it accessible to virtually everyone who needs information about the private air charter. The summary is either emailed to our client or posted on the custom web site that we make available to certain clients who utilize our charter services on a regular basis. The summary includes the following information:

  • Aircraft type
  • Tail number of aircraft
  • Picture of aircraft
  • Seating diagram of aircraft
  • Fixed Base Operator location (map if available)
  • Fixed Base Operator contact information
  • Flight itinerary by city, date and time
  • Charter aircraft operator
  • Names of the crew, Captain, First Officer and Flight Attendant (available on certain private jet aircraft)
  • Contact information for the Crew
  • Contact information for all of the Air Charter Team key contacts
  • Catering information
  • Flight manifest information
  • Boarding procedures if necessary
  • Documents needed if necessary
  • Ground transportation information is provided if such services are being arranged by Air Charter Team

Air Charter Team's staff of professional brokers is dedicated to providing you and your clients with the very best in customer service and satisfaction! 24/7/365, our chartered aircraft services are available to you worldwide! Call 800-205-6610 (US Only) or Request a Quote today and experience the exciting flexibility, safety, and service of a private aircraft charter!